Its official you have a fiancée and now have a blank canvas called 'your wedding day' ... where do you start?

Tip 1 If you have just got engaged, you are probably very excited and if like most brides you think about the dress you've often dreamed of and can't wait to go and find it.

The first thing we would advise is to stop and think of when you are likely to be getting married and to set a date.

Without a date either booked or in mind, it makes it more difficult to fully help and advise you, as certain collections take longer to order and the style of the dress may change depending on the month you are getting married and the venue you select.

Tip 2 Most wedding dresses can take up to 5-6 months to order, you also have to factor in time for fittings so that the dress is altered to you. Very few brides can buy a standard size gown and not need adjustments.

Make sure you leave yourself as much time as you can, making the experience more enjoyable.

Don't forget, if you haven't got the time to order a gown, you need to make an appointment to view our Here and Now collection which are in stock ready to go!

Some designers / manufacturers offer rush cuts on orders, which enables us to get your gown quicker for you. The express service does cost extra.

Tip 3 Have a look in magazines and on line, for dress style ideas and prices. It is always a good idea to make notes of things you like and maybe start a folder or scrap book with ideas.

Tip 4 Think about your wedding budget and how much you might think about investing on your attire.

Tip 5 Ask 1 or 2 people who know you well and will give you constructive honest advice to help you find your dress. (They have to be able to keep a secret)! It can be over-whelming if there are too many opinions making it more difficult for you to choose, which can sometimes spoil the experience for the bride ending in utter confusion. Chose those you can trust.

Tip 6 Do one thing at a time. You'll be amazed at the selection and spoilt for choice when you visit us. Restrain yourself from allowing your attendants to try on the Bridesmaids dresses and Menswear until you have ordered your dress. Your dress is the nucleus of the whole day and you should concentrate on finding it first before we move on and help you style the remaining bridal party. If you focus on one thing at a time it will be so much easier and you can enjoy each step without getting confused, knowing you've made the right choice.

Tip 7 When you get to the stage of selecting your Bridesmaids dresses you need to allow between 10-14 weeks for delivery. As with the wedding dress the longer we have the better, as getting your attendants to make the time to get the dresses fitted can sometimes be a struggle. Your groom will be eager for you to make a decision as usually the bridesmaid dresses will determine the colour scheme to the day, allowing him and his groomsmen to book their appointment to get fitted for their attire.

Tip 8 If you plan and allow our consultants to help guide and advise you, planning your wedding will be so much easier and an enjoyable experience.

Tip 9 Invest in the shop you can trust.

Good luck !

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