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BRIDEBFit  - the VIP personal training service at Bell'Amore

Getting married is a magical and enchanting time, but that doesn't always mean that you actually approach it with joy.

You have a dream of looking slender, elegant and ravishing in the most perfect dream dress that you have fallen in love with, but when you look in the mirror your heart sinks because you know you're not as lean and toned as you would like to be ....

Sounds familiar?

We all know that life gets in the way

  • the contented fiance,
  • the social life that creeps in with eating out and indulgent meals,
  • a sedentary job combined with a busy lifestyle

They all take their toll and gym motivation can be hard to maintain.

Bad habits can set in and looking after yourself seems to creep further down the "priority pile". A totally normal scenario for most of us.

But your big day is drawing ever nearer and those extra pounds are making you feel more and more stressed.

Of course, you really want to look amazing, you want to feel amazing, and you want to shine on your special day - and so you should! It's not everyday you get get married and are the centre of attention!

BRIDEBFit  is the answer.

BRIDEBFit offers you a VIP personal training service, designed specifically to help you to be in the best achievable shape on your wedding day.

Your dedicated Bridal personal trainer understands your dilemmas and dreams and can work with you to develop realistic sustainable goals and results that become so achievable, keeping you motivated and firmly on track for your all important deadline - your wedding day and beyond ...

... after all, why stop when you are achieving so much and feeling so fantastic? Make it a change for life !