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Our doors are open by strict appointment only; there will be NO WALK-INS for the immediate future.

We will be re-booking fittings in wedding date order if your planned wedding is set to go ahead.

We know some of you are still in complete limbo but with more venues giving the go ahead and showing more optimism it's essential that we are fully prepared and that you keep us updated to your changing situation.

Fittings will be done in wedding date order to be fair to all brides and appointments allocated with less flexibility than we usually offer, with the tight time constraints that we will be working to in order to manage our workload as systematically and effectively as possible.

Appointments for dress selection can now be made via this website. Again a firm protocol will be enforced.

Restrictions will apply with the amount of people in store and a limit to how many people you can bring with you, safeguarding yourselves and our staff.

  • 1 person Max additional for fittings
  • 2 people Max additional for dress selection appointments.**

All customers will need to follow the government advice and wear their own mask and gloves in order to gain entry to the store, and it goes without saying to stay home if you are showing any signs or symptoms.

Staff will be doing the same.

We are very lucky to be a large shop and have lots of space which certainly helps with the current restrictions.

We will stagger all appointments to limit the amount of customers in store at any one time and we have plenty of changing areas to space you out safely, but it's imperative that you are on time for your appointments in order for this to work effectively and for your appointments to not be cancelled or cut short.

We will do our upmost to ensure the necessary measures of cleanliness and safeguarding are adhered to, ensuring you, our customers, a comfy and pleasurable time.

It's exciting to be able to get back in store.

Rest assured will do all we can to provide you with a very special and memorable Bell Amore experience.

** NOTE: for bridesmaid appoinments, if there is a larger party (i.e. bride plus more than 2 bridesmaids) they will need to stagger entry in the store to be measured or book another appointment for an alternative day to do the remainder girls.

Ronald Joyce Designer Weekend

A Designer Weekend, is an event where we will preview a selection of the latest gowns from a designer. This will usually take place over a weekend, hence the name, Designer Weekend.

It's a great idea to shop for your wedding gown at this special event as the full collection will preview a variety of styles that we donít usually stock.

At a designer event you might pick up something more unique or something you wouldn't have usually got to see or try on.

With the focus on one designer you will be able to get to know their quality and style in-depth, view the matching accessories and find the dress of your dreams way ahead of them arriving in store.

Weddings by Bell'Amore

Beautiful dresses, spacious surroundings and innovative customer care and service.

These are just some of the things you look for when you search for a bridal store; and why wouldn't you?

This moment is your special day after all - the day in your life when you finally tie the knot with that irreplaceable individual.

With a wealth of luxurious designs in store that are carefully chosen to give you the best possible range. There's only ever going to be that one unique dress for you, you'll want to invest in a gown of the highest quality design, so you'll feel sensational on your special day. you'll be in bridal heaven with our vast collection - so, even if you initially feel overwhelmed or indecisive as to what you can see yourself wearing, we'll work personally with you to take that fear away.

Of course, such variety is crucial when choosing your wedding dress - Many designs come to life when you keep the church, venue or even a tropical paradise in mind to achieve your personal wedding vision.

Wedding plans don't always have to be as stressful; our brides tell us that they find their experience to be easy, effortless and serene. And that's a part of what we do - we aim to make the experience relaxing and enjoyable for you. At your appointment we will listen carefully to you and give you additional inspiration and expert advice to turn your dreams effortlessly into reality.

We can't wait to start helping you!

So come and see first hand, the stunning selection of wedding dresses we have in -store Not just any Bride a VIB Bell'Amore Bride.

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